IMPACT PLUS Level 4 provides a consultative approach to access your current corrosion management strategy with a personal touch. By working with an Industry specialized IMPACT PLUS licensee, you will receive step by step consultation through the entire assessment process by a Qualified Navigator ensuring that your assessment is as accurate possible.

Our Navigators have been specifically trained and qualified to help you through the assessment process and once done, the Navigator will consult with you to understand the results of your assessment and advise you on where and how you can make improvements to your corrosion asset management strategy.

As a level 4 subscriber, you will also receive access to the IMPACT PLUS Resource Library. The Resource Library provides over 2,100 articles spanning Corrosion and Business topics which have been specifically selected to provide additional industry standard best practices to help you improve key areas in your business. Each article aligns to the IMPACT PLUS Corrosion Management Maturity Model (CMMM), to ensure relevance in the areas needed to improve a customer's overall level of corrosion management maturity.

The key differences between level 2 and 3 can be summarized as:

To subscribe to IMPACT PLUS Level 4, contact a Navigator Licensee.