IMPACT PLUS, an innovative tool for maintaining a corrosion management plan

Validate your corrosion control actions by business impact.

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In 2015, NACE International conducted a study on the global cost of corrosion. The IMPACT Study also found that reducing the exorbitant cost of corrosion could be realized if companies were to incorporate sound corrosion management practices.

While industry believed in the benefits of a corrosion management plan, they found it challenging to communicate this need to those throughout their organizations.

For asset owners to implement a corrosion management plan, they require a corrosion management system framework that is understood and supported at every level of their organization involved in protecting assets, and even more importantly, they need to be able to justify corrosion control actions by business impact.

IMPACT PLUS was developed directly in response to these findings -- helping companies maintain and/or improve corrosion management plans, extend asset life, and reduce the cost of corrosion.


IMPACT PLUS is a one-of-a-kind, innovative product that enables asset owners to validate corrosion control actions by business impact and maintain a successful corrosion management plan.

It does this through a robust suite of technical and business tools housed in a single online portal that

It is designed to advance corrosion management performance across all industry sectors from pipelines and bridges, to maritime and defense systems, and beyond.

IMPACT PLUS is for you and your company if: You want a corrosion management plan, but you find it challenging to share corrosion management activity information within your company – information that must be shared with relevant disciplines throughout your organization so that the cost of corrosion management can be examined and discussed and informed decisions can be made for your business.

Features & Benefits

Working with the American Productivity & Quality Center (APQC) — the world’s foremost authority in benchmarking, best practices, process/performance improvement, and knowledge management— the NACE Institute developed IMPACT PLUS a robust, online network of tools which provides:

Measure and manage your organization’s business process. Learn best practices to improve your governance program with NII’s IMPACT PLUS.

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*Let us help. Use IMPACT PLUS on your own (Levels 1 and 2) or look to a trained IMPACT PLUS corrosion management consultant or Navigator, available with Levels 3 and 4, to help you “navigate” the program. See “Expert Assistance”
below for more information regarding program assistance.

Expert Assistance

Users have the option to take advantage of the product’s tools on their own or to look to a NII-trained consultant to help them “navigate” IMPACT PLUS.

Available with the purchase of Level 3 and 4 Service (see above), IMPACT PLUS Navigators have the experience and consulting skills needed to assist you:

IMPACT PLUS Navigators are qualified to put your organization on a path towards the next level of asset protection.  Navigators are:

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"The NACE International IMPACT PLUS assessment process presents a unique opportunity for an organization to not only benchmark their current corrosion management strategy, but also develop a comprehensive road map to their desired state of a corrosion management system. CONSULEX Qualified IMPACT PLUS Navigators provide the guidance throughout the process, empowering that organization to achieve its corrosion management aspirations. The bottom line is improving asset integrity management"

- D. Terry Greenfield, Principal Consultant, CONSULEX

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